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Las 5 Mejores Wallets | Billeteras para ETHEREUM y mas altcoins - Descarga

Ahora que iniciaste en el mundo del Minado de Ethereum, Litecoin o cualquier altcoin vas a necesitar una billetera segura, así que hoy les traemos Las 5 Mejores Wallets | Billeteras para BitcoinETHEREUM y mas altcoins como Litecoin, etc.
Ethereum, la plataforma de blockchain que permite contratos inteligentes, es cada vez más popular. Desde el comienzo de 2017 el precio ha subido de $8.22 a alrededor de $45 dolares.

He cubierto cómo comprar Ethereum en Mexico en un post anterior, pero eso es sólo parte del proceso. Hoy quiero cubrir 5 diferentes tipos de billeteras Ethereum para que sepas dónde almacenar tu Ethereum.

Ethereum es una moneda muy técnica (incluso más que Bitcoin), por lo que la mayoría de las billeteras por ahí no son amigables con los novatos. Voy a ir a través de ellos de la más simple a la más compleja para que pueda elegir la que mejor se adapte a su nivel de conocimiento.

La billetera Ethereum de Coinbase - La opción más simple si vives en Estados Unidos, Canada e…

Apple Seeds First External Builds of Mac OS X 10.6, Safari 4 to Developers

Over at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, attendees were provided with a physical seed of the Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") installation disc. The build is the first version of the upcoming operating system to leave Apple's corporate boundaries and, according to AppleInsider, Apple has stated that the focus of the update will be to enhance the Mac OS X experience as opposed to providing new features.

Apple representatives cited that the company plans to release Mac OS X 10.6 "within a year."

On Tuesday, attendees were distributed a Developer Preview of Safari 4.0 for the Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 and Windows operating system. Sources close to the build stated that the browser is noticeably more responsive than Safari 3.1.1 and includes assorted new features such as a General preference setting to set new browser windows to open with tabs from the bookmarks bar or a specific tabs folder. Another feature, accessible under the File menu, lets web pages be saved as self-contained, executable Mac OS X applications -- a feature that exists today via a third-party application called Fluid.

If you've gotten your hands on either the 10.6 or Safari 4.0 build, let us know what you make of it in the comments of forums. Granted, we can't make you share your ideas or opinions, but rest assured if you can offer something interesting on the builds, we'll do our very best to make sure NASA fires Paris Hilton directly into the sun to test an unknown scientific premise of their choosing...

posted back on June 11, 2008

Here you will find some Screenshots of this new (developers) mac os x 10.6


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