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Que es Instabotz y como funciona? Naka Games

Como Cerrar o "matar" procesos del Explorer facil en Vista

La manera normal de terminar o cerrar procesos de Windows Explorer es ir al Administrador de Tareas (Task Manager), buscas el Explorer.exe en la pestaña de Procesos, le das click derecho y luego en terminar proceso. Esto funciona pero si tienes varios procesos que cerrar debes hacerlo uno por uno, pero ya no es necesario!. Ahora Windows Vista ofrece una manera mas facil y rapida de hacer esto con unos cuantos clicks. Para cerrar los procesos del Explorer sigue estos rapidos pasos: 1.- Dale click al boton Start 2.- Presionando CTRL + SHIFT  da un click derecho sobre el area circulada aqui abajo: 3.- Aparecera Salir del Explorador (Exit Explorer), dale click y cerrara todos los procesos del mismo para que asi puedas continuar tu(s) trabajos mas rapida y facilmente . Saludos gente! Ozl The normal way to terminate Windows Explorer’s processes is to go to Task Manager, look for Explorer.exe under Processes tab, then right clicking on it and select End Process. This actually involves few s

New Windows 7 Ultimate Wallpapers Download!

Get the new Windows 7 Wallpapers here! Or click here to get the Rar file ! Windows 7 Ultimate Super bar by ~ ozl on deviant ART Good day!

Official Windows 7 PDC Screenshot Gallery

The most significant desktop improvement is the taller taskbar, which combines the functionality of the taskbar and the Quick Launch bar from previous Windows versions. Gadgets no longer live in a sidebar that steals valuable screen space; instead, they can be placed anywhere on the desktop. See Ed Bott's Microsoft Report blog for more on Windows 7 . Click here to watch the Windows 7 Gallery with new Wallpapers!

How to make a Transparent Screen

How to make Transparent Screens Inspired by this flickr album ,I determined to take a similar photo for my laptop.I did,see Ooop,this transparent screen is not very successful compared to others,because of the sunshine and my reflection.However,as I'm not a professional photographer and the time is limited and my laptop is not produced by Apple (Mac is a better choice),I think this picture can be tolerated. How to make it? Trust me,it's very easy to make your own Transparent Screen. in my case,it requires only three things:A laptop(or PC or Mac or anything that with a screen),a digital camera and patience. First,find a certain place you stand (or sit),take the first photo of the background without the laptop. Then,import the photo to your image edit software and cut the area you need,set the edited photo as your wallpaper. After that,stand (or sit) where you just took the first photo,and choose right direction and distance to shoot photos that looks like

Make Windows Vista Look like OSX here is how

Download HERE WE GO!!! Download for Windows Vista 32bit SP1 Download for Windows Vista 64bit SP1 Download for Windows Vista 32bit SP0 Uninstall Problems? Check this CAUTION : If you have previous versions of VistaOSX installed, don't install Wallpaper & Screensaver If you have problems, contact me. Finder will come soon. To those who tested the Beta: Don't install this! Instead, contact me on Windows Live Messenger and i'll give you instructions. What is Vista OS X? In short, Vista OS X is a tansformation pack for windows user to transform the look and desktop theme of your Windows Vista system to the look of Mac OS X. Is Vista OS X Free? Yes. Vista OS X is free and you do not need to pay any fee to download the software. Is Vista OS X Safe? Yes. Vista OS X contains no spyware or adware installed. Many users have downloaded this software pack into their own operating system without problems. In any case you found out Vista OS X is not suitable for you, yo

Paint and Wordpad on Windows 7 Ribbonized

Stephen posted an interesting shot of the new Ribbon implemented in a newer Microsoft Paint build. I sincerely hope this is a sign that Sinofsky the Windows “7” team has already fixed other more pressing issues like the infamous folder “type sniffing” errors and the irritating non-existent file deletion dialog… I dont think that the whole Windows theme will be a Ribbon one (hope not) but on already known Windows Programs it is a necessary attribute.... Dont you think? Here is the other leaked pic, Wordpad. now i have a question, what will happpen to Notepad ? i hope it gets improved or at least not even included on the newest Microsoft OS.

Install Windows On or with a USB Drive

Update 03/31/2012: Before you try all of this, you may want to try using WinToFlash , a utility designed to create a bootable Windows flash drive for Windows XP/Vista/7/Server . If this works for you, you can skip the section on preparing a flash drive and jump straight to the installation instructions. Many of these steps will apply for different computers, some of the commands may differ a little bit.  If you’re trying to install Windows 7 on a netbook, Microsoft is making things even easier. Just use the Windows 7 USB tool . Installing Windows XP or any other operating system is easy if you have a USB optical disc drive. But if all you’ve got is a USB flash drive and another computer with a DVD burner, you can still install Windows XP (or many Linux distributions for that matter) on a disc drive-less ultraportable like the HP Mini-Note or the Asus Eee PC. After spending most of Saturday installing Windows XP on my HP Mini-Note I thought I’d share my results

Google Chrome and Hotmail

Google Chrome and Hotmail 09-02-2008 Originally uploaded by ozl Here is a Screen i took today (spanish) Google Chrome doesnt work with Google's best friend: HOTMAIL lol who cares! i dont even use my hotmail or live email, just for msn messenger at home and i use Palringo on my iPhone... The only thing i DIDNT LIKE about Google   CHROME is that it doesnt have a built in Search box! where is it? all other web browsers have one... Good day people! BTW im using Vista SP1 with a Theme called Glassglow Bueno, he estado probando el Nuevo Google Chrome , que se siente ligero y compacto, aunque no abre el Hotmail no me importa, pues lo uso solo en el messeenger en mi escritorio, porque cuando ando fuera de casa uso palringo para chatear desde mi iphone, lo unico que NO ME GUSTO del CHROME es que NO tiene un BUSCADOR a un lado, asi como todos los demas navegadores, porque no se lo pusieron? Por cierto, estoy usando Vista SP1 con un tema llamado Glassglow Saludos gente...

Windows Vista OS X Screenshot

Windows Vista Leopard theme by ~ ozl on deviant ART For more info on how to do this changes and customization, look for the post: how to make windows look like mac os x leopard Good Day!

Beyond Windows Vista (windows 7 ?)

Some of you may have heard about “Windows 7,” which is the working name for the next release of Windows. We have learned a great deal through the feedback you have shared with us about Windows Vista, and that feedback is playing an important role in our work on Windows 7. You have told us you want a more regular, predictable Windows release schedule. To this end, our plan is to deliver Windows 7 approximately three years after the January 2007 general availability launch date of Windows Vista. You’ve also let us know you don’t want to face the kinds of incompatibility challenges with the next version of Windows that you might have experienced early with Windows Vista. As a result, our approach with Windows 7 is to build off the same core architecture as Windows Vista, so the investments you and our partners have made in Windows Vista will continue to pay off with Windows 7. Our goal is to help ensure that the migration process from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is straightforward. I recei

Windows Vista Extreme Edition

Would you like to have that old look and feel of windows with customizable Themes and Folder Backgrounds, logins and more? Well here is you answer to it: Get the Fully customizable Windows Vista Extreme Edition as you can see on the screen shots on this link and on this one where you can also download it , you can do what ever you want on Vista with this great modified version. Just go to this link and download the torrent , its faster, and the best of all, its free thanks to Amit For more information on system requirements etc. Go to the official site link Good day!

Is your CPU 64 bit READY?

FIND OUT HERE CLICK THE LINK! or move your mouse cursor over the link to see a preview of the web page! Why doesn't my Windows® PC recognize the whole 4GB of memory I installed? The maximum amount of memory that your system can use is actually limited in two ways — not only is there a maximum amount of memory that your computer motherboard can accept, there is also a maximum amount of memory that your operating system (OS) can accept. For instance, when you install 4GB of memory in a 32-bit Windows system (the most common version; 64-bit systems are typically used only by high-end users), your system will see (and utilize) only 3GB or 3.5GB. Is the problem bad memory? Relax, there isn't a problem with the memory. Windows allows for 4GB of memory to be addressed, but this isn't 100 percent the same as having 4GB of physical memory. What happens is that some of the addressable memory (regardless of how much you have physically installed) is reserved for use by page

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Que es el Bitcoin y como me beneficia? donde comprar Bitcoin

¿Qué es Bitcoin? Bitcoin es el dinero digital utilizado para la transferencia segura e instantánea de valor en cualquier parte del mundo. No es controlado ni emitido por ningún banco o gobierno , sino que es una red abierta que es administrada por sus usuarios. Mucho en como el correo electrónico mejora la comunicación por lo que es rápido y barato, Bitcoin es una mejora en los métodos de pago existentes que no fueron diseñados para la era de Internet. ¿Es el Bitcoin seguro? El protocolo básico de Bitcoin es visible por cualquiera, ha sido examinado por miles de investigadores de seguridad alrededor del mundo y ha demostrado ser robusto y confiable después de un escrutinio inmenso. El uso de bitcoin es similar al uso de otras aplicaciones privadas en Internet, como correo electrónico o banca en línea. Al igual que estos otros servicios web, debe acceder a su bitcoin con una contraseña para asegurarse de que sólo tiene acceso a su dinero. ¿Está ligado al valor del dólar? El

Install Cracked apps on iPhone / iPod Touch 3.0 from Cydia

How to patch MobileInstallation 3.0 Firmware and up to 3.1.3 jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch 1. Go to “Cydia”. 2. Click on “Manage” tab on the bottom. 3. Now click on “Sources” 4. Click on “Edit” and then on “Add”. Type “”  and click on “Add Source”. 5. After installation is completed. Search for “AppSync” in Cydia and install this application. This app will automatically patch your mobileinstallation file. You should be now able to install all of your jailbroken apps on iPhone OS 3.x.x Spanish: Para instalar applicaciones Crackeadas (modificadas) en tu iPhone 3.0 / iPod Touch 3.0 desde Cydia 1. Abre Cydia 2. Ve a Manage  3. click en Sources (fuentes) 4. Click en Edit (editar) luego en Add (añadir). Escribe “ " y da click en Add Source (Añadir fuente)   5. Despues de instalada la fuente, busca AppSync en Cydia e Instala la aplicacion, esta parchara el archivo mobileinstallation dentro de tu iphone o itouch... Saludo

Nui International Inversion de Interes Compuesto y mas!

#Tunetworker está de vuelta! con una gran oportunidad de capitalización! Esto es para todos los que les gusta invertir y ganar intereses compuestos con el tiempo. ¡Y también para aquellos que aman crear una Red de personas que se ayudarán mutuamente a ganar más y más rápido!  Les presento a: Nui International (NO DISPONIBLE PARA EE. UU. Pero hay una solución alternativa) * Obtenga Diariamente un Retorno con un promedio de 1% de lunes a viernes. ** Gane una comisión del 10% de sus referencias directas. Obtenga un bono equivalente del 2.5% en el R.D.I de la inversión inicial de sus referencias directas. No se necesita experiencia, el reclutamiento es opcional. Hágase miembro de Nui International hoy. Obtenga devoluciones diarias de lunes a viernes. Cada paquete es válido por * 200 días hábiles O hasta que se obtenga un retorno de la inversión del 400% + La inversión inicial que se devuelve automáticamente SOLO al lograr el 400%. Puedes comprar Paquetes/Contratos cuando t