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Bitquence BQX la Wallet Universal para todo el publico

El Bitquence BQXes una moneda nueva en la lista y una de las monedas más infravaloradas en este momento.
Ya no estamos hablando del ICO (Oferta Inicial de la Moneda) Pero aun estas a un excelente momento de ser partícipe de este proyecto que: Tiene un fuerte equipo de desarrollo y el proyecto es increíble. BQX en el futuro resolverá el problema de tener carteras múltiples y proporciona a sus usuarios como una ventanilla única. Si digo que es la próxima coinbase de multi-monedas, no es exageración. También tiene una comunidad fuerte detrás de ella. Compra y mantenlas a mediano y a largo plazo. SE ESPERA una GANANCIA DE 5 Veces tu inversión en un mes.🚀

No está disponible en Bittrex o Poloniex, que también es una gran oportunidad. Al momento que se inicie el trading de BQX en Bittrex o Poloniex multiplicará sus ganancias.
Bitquence BQX está por ser agregado al Exchange Binance este viernes 22 de Septiembre 2017  y esto hará que tenga más exposición al público y obviament…

Watchout Firefox Chrome is getting serious now!

Make sure you visit this site First so you can download the Beta Chrome that works with Extensions and then install the Adblock Extension for Google Chrome and many more!

AdBlock by gundlach

 (1797) - 95,883 users - Weekly installs: 50,726
AdBlock for Chrome! Blocks ads all over the web. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by our users!
Your favorite feature in Firefox finally comes to Chrome!  Block all advertisements on all web pages.  Your browser is automatically updated with additions to the filter; just Install and enjoy.

AdBlock is a new extension and it's still gaining users like crazy.  So why use it if it has fewer users than AdThwart?  Lots of reasons!

 * AdBlock is optimized for speed!  It squeezes every millisecond out of every filter,
   figuring out several ways to go faster than a standard filter subscription checker.

 * AdBlock gets many fewer reports of problems with websites.  And if someone
   does notice a problem on a website, AdBlock usually fixes it within hours.

 * AdBlock has much better ad coverage!  There are over 150 special cases handled
   by AdBlock not handled by AdThwart.

 * AdBlock has an awesome blacklisting UI for if an ad does sneak by -- click on
   the background of the page and press Ctrl-Shift-K, and it will walk you through
   targeting exactly what to block.

 * AdBlock has awesome customer service!  We take pride in responding 
   to comments, and fixing problems so fast that we delight our users -- so much
   that they've rated us 4.5 out of 5 stars!  Some quotes:

      "...what makes it worth having this extension is the effort you put in
       continuously to fix every single problem/bug... Adblock has been 
       extremely consistent with user response.  Thank you. Keep it up..."

      "....After reading how involved you were with updates, I picked this
       and love it.  5 Stars, keep up the good work."

If you like it too, I'd appreciate if you'd rate it below -- and tell your friends!  If you don't rate it 5 stars, let us know what you didn't like, so we can fix it ASAP!
Version 1.2.90 - Friday, January 22, 2010


  1. Thanks for the info! downloading the new beta Chrome Now!!


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